GRP Manufacturing

GRP Manufacturing Division produces superior quality Products;

  • FRP Hot Pressed Panel Water tanks to any sizes and dimensions
  • FRP Water tanks, Chemical  Tanks
  • GRP/GRE Pipes & Fittings
  • FRP Enclosures, Cabinets, Kiosks                 
  • FRP Gratings, Handrails, Ladders
  • FRP Waste/Litter Bins                                  
  • Car sheds-Cantilever type, Regular type
  • FRP Scrubbers                                               
  • FRP Modular/Portable Toilets
  • Waffle Moulds                                              
  • Sewer manhole sealing plates
  • FRP Manhole Liners                                      
  • FRP Roofing
  • FRP decorative Claddings      
  • FRP Domes, GRP Planters                
  • Any special items can be manufactured as per specifications & Drawings

We also execute site installation of GRP/GRE Pipe Lines,
Insitu-Lamination of RCC water tanks, sewer man holes and all types of Fibre Glass Works